Make a Dream Publishing LTD

The company has 1 director who is supported by 1 support worker. The director, Graham Nicholls, has wide experience in ESF, Interreg Channel, and Interreg 2Seas funding. MADPL’s main focus is to help developing organisations increase their networks by sharing expertise in strategic partnerships with like-minded people across Europe, and to develop “train the trainer” programmes and curricula for further delivery to disadvantaged groups especially in the field of Youth, where he has gained recognition for leading the Youth Strand “success story”: “DSH: Positive Choices”. 

Bucovina Institute

Bucovina Institute has experience in working with vulnerable groups, by implementing different projects both European and national. In 2016 the association finished implementing 3 projects which are co-financed from ESF program. These projects were addressed to different vulnerable groups, where they receive different integrated services: information, counselling, professional vocational trainings, qualifications and others. Through all these services the beneficiaries had the opportunity to make steps for a better inclusion in society and in the labour market as employees

Viena Association of Education Volunteers

Vienna Association of Educational Volunteers is a non-profit making, non-political organisation, which aims at empowering people, promoting peace and tolerance among young people through assisting people in acquiring knowledge and developing their skills and competences. Our main aim is to provide community-based educational opportunities for disadvantaged young people; train them committed to peace, democracy and inclusion; contribute to nonviolent processes of conflict transformation in the Europe by providing competences, skills development.

Arbeit und Leben NRW

Arbeit und Leben DGB/VHS NRW (North-Rhine-Westphalia) is an institution for further adult education supported by the German Federation of Trade Unions (DeutscherGewerkschaftsbund – DGB) and the German Associations of Adult Education (Volkshochschule – VHS). The state-wide cooperation Arbeit und Leben is based in Düsseldorf since 1949, today there are more than 40 cooperations in the cities of NRW. Arbeit und Leben grew steadily, built a far-reaching network especially with unions and works councils, and arranges 1550 workshops/ seminars with approximately 22.500 participants and 1000 tutors each year.

WSX Enterprise Limited

WSX Enterprise operates across central Southern UK as a business support organisation for new entrepreneurs and supporting established businesses. Previously we were a government agency operating the Business Link service across three counties. We work with young people and adults in local communities and enterprises to provide training, business skills advice, one to one mentoring, and support on specialist areas such as new business funding and digital technologies for young people and adults interested in entrepreneurship.

Coop Città Azzurra

The Cooperativa Città Azzurra is a type A cooperative based in Bolzano – South Tyrol – Italy, active in the autonomous province of Bolzano since March 1993, working in close collaboration with the South Tyrolean Health Service – Psychiatry on the territory. Currently manages the following services:
– Protected community (24H) for psychiatric patients “Il Girasole” in via Cagliari 14 – Bolzano in agreement with the Azienda Sanitaria Alto Adige;
– 2 semi-protected communities/accommodation for psychiatric patients (one female in via Cesare Battisti and one male in Vicolo delle Erbe – Bolzano) in agreement with Assb
– A psychotherapy, psychosomatic and outpatient clinic for the treatment of eating disorders in via Cassa di Risparmio – Bolzano in agreement with the Azienda Sanitaria Alto Adige;
– 4 collective flats for psychiatric patients.