Kick - off Meeting 21-22nd of April 2021


During the first meeting, each partner had 10 minutes to present the following: MADPL presented a brief update on WEMWBS, KOLB, Timesheets, Freedcamp, PDTVT; Anna (AuL) gave a brief update on re-contracting and funds transfer; CASC presented an update on newsletter & Stakeholder Network reporting; VAEV updated on re QARM; BUCOVINA updated the Evaluation Plan, Web Site, Social Media & LOGO; WSX updated the dissemination plan.


The second meeting was centered around the IO2 DIGIVET Toolkit and Webinars. VAEV discussed, with partners, IO2 in more detail and together confirmed a format for an online portal and webinars. All partners had to be ready to present digital tools they were currently using. In the end, the next steps, meetings and responsibilities were also debated.